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My name is Andy. I’m 28 38, and I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I’m a comics missionary, I care deeply for the form and see it as a pioneering, retro technology. Comics utilises a language, hard-wired to nearly every brain since childhood.

I’ve worked extensively in the grassroots culture of making comics and seen how these can relay a message or provide a service tailored to one unique individual: you.

I largely write stories these days, though will take on other work as well; teaching, drawing, consultancy. Around this site there are examples of that.

My other site, andy-luke.com is the online home for more of the comics I’ve made, and my blog for projects current. It’s currently home to my create and share every day project.

Around here, you can find details of the services I can be hired for. Money is preferrable, but I’ve been known to trade.

Comix with me!

Phone number: +447783129431
Email/IM : drew.luke(at)gmail.com
Twitter: @andrewluke


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