I hold a multi-discipline Honours Degree from Oxford Brookes University which runs across seven fields, majoring in Education, Social Studies and Communications, Media and Culture. However, I’ve also worked with The Westminster Institute at courses on law, nursing, politics and international relations. Following this I taught GCSE History, A-Level Sociology and casual sessions on Comics and Social Media. I also hold a CCEA Level 2 Award in Understanding Business Enterprise and an UnLtd Millenium Award for Social Entrepreneurship.

I’m happiest working with NGOs on health and community awareness, and general education. I have interned with Bryson House and the Ards Development Bureau, and under-gone a residency and close working relationship with the Arts and Disability Forum.

Commercially, my experience lies within the arts sector, curating at The Oxford Jam Factory and Black Box Belfast. My academic and labour record is tailored to expand beyond this area; new opportunities offering the perfect grounds to utilise the flow for creative product. There’s not a message that can’t be communicated through comix.


Education and entertainment hybridised make for the perfect creative currency to my mind. I’ve taught various humanities subjects, and am interested in bringing this expertise into an engrossing student experience.

Previous examples include:

Absence: a comic about epilepsy.
The Invisible Artist: a film about comics culture in Belfast.
NewsZoom: a comic about the news.


It’s important to be involved, communicating, and see if we can explore space, together.

Previous projects include

Daily Democracy – several photo sets about engaging with elected officials. (rest to come)

Lennox: Breed Not Deed Dog campaign comics.


I’m not really interested in non-realist conflict narratives, but if the money is right, I’ll shoot it my score. Likewise, I make some incredibly good auto-bio comics.

See andy-luke.com for further examples of my work.