Project Consultancy

So you’ve decided to get the left and right brain together, delivering your message through co-mix. Here’s how it works:

Stage 1 – Commissioning and Consultancy
We begin by ascertaining what you want and how I can help. I can act as a freelance consultant, training you and your staff how best to use comix.

Alternatively, I obtain specs to produce the work. To do this, I’ll need research materials and artefacts in line with your vision. We also need to talk about the properties: length, size, audience, colour or black and white.
The third option is complete project management, and I’ll cover that below.

Step 2 – Storyboards

I prepare a ballpen thumbnail strip which serves as a test run comic. This shows fragments of script and the visual page layout and visuals. It is known as a mini-comic, or ashcan.

Absence drawn by Andy Luke

Stage 3 – Script

Step 3 develops the mini into a bug-free working script. This looks similar to a film script, but with attention to the aspect-to-aspect affect of comics. It also may include visual reference elements for the illustrator.

By the end of this stage the thumbnail and/or script must be looked over before it reaches the artist.

Stage 4 – Towards Full Art

You’ll be able to look through my artist database, and short portfolios of their work. The selections will be linked to the top costing of the job and I’ll offer recommendations based on my knowledge.

Artist(s) are contacted, contracted, commissioned and develop the work on a time agreed by all parties. After this is completed, only few minor changes are made, and the product is ready for publication.

Absence drawn by Stephen Downey

Stephen Downey excelled developing Absence. His website is here.

Stage 5 – Getting It Out There

Should you choose the full project management option, I’ll work with my contacts in printing to find the most suitable expenditure. Once this is agreed upon, you must deal directly with the printer to settle the invoice, or cover 100% of costs to me in advance.

For distribution, we’ve managed to put together a competitive Northern Ireland mailing list in the NGO sector. You may also supply your own mailing list, or task me to assemble one to your purposes.

I’ve also a number of digital sources for distribution.
Alternatively, post-production consultancy is on offer.Bar digital, distribution is the most expensive stage, and in advance fees apply. We make use of Royal Mail Business Class to mail the stock out. In commercial dealings I can follow up on contacts with POS after three or six months have lapsed. do hold business liability insurance, though shall not be held liable for loss relating to external factors beyond my control.

Project Rates:

Writer rates start at £7 per page, and illustrator rates starting at £30 per page. Be aware though, these costs are at the low end of the pay spectrum, and a better result can be achieved with a higher page rate. That said, there are a vast array of talents out there due to poor investment in the craft.

Other fees depend upon the extent of the job, and are best discussed one to one.

Consultant Rates:

Short consultancies can be covered by the £20 per hour tutorial rate. Over a longer term, I’ve never done this before. Care to take a test drive?