Most of my work is available for sale, particularly those produced as part of the Create and Share Each Day project. If I’ve drawn a sketch of you and you’d like the original, simply send 50p via paypal for postage along with your address to drew.luke (at) and I’ll do the rest.

David Cameron Dickhead

12 original drawings of British politicians with penises on their heads, yours for only £20.

Biro pen, 65x100mm.

View the originals here.

Make payable to drew (dot )luke at



paranoid godturkeyhandCheese Zombie WereCheese Vs CheeseCula

11 Mini Sketches: Including two black and white: The Doctor Crossing, Cyburna Nocturna, and colour, Brontosaur Will Lantern, Breath, T-Rex’s Spangles, Chocky’s Puzzle, WereCheese Vs CheeseCula, Cheese Zombie, I Am God, Turkey Hand (65x100mm), and Tesco Receipt.

Originals are £10 for any five, or £20 for all eleven.


dark knight returns

My cover to the cover of the Dark Knight Returns No.2

This auctioned at £478,000. I’m asking £10 – £40 for mine. 

It’s drawn in pen and ink and the money will be given to my pal Sean Duffield to help he and his partner Noelle live together outside of Theresa May’s draconian migration laws. Sean also has a version of this here and you might be able to buy his version for a similar price.


woodsamplethe loyalist and the shrubberyshrub 2 sampleshrub 2

Bonfire Harm Done To Shrubbery

Own the originals of pages one and two of this Norn Irn comics classic!

A4, drawn in ink pen. £10 and I’ll throw in a mini-cartoon of the subject of your choosing, exclusive to you. Unless, it’s really good, then I’ll reprint it.

Made payable to drew.luke at gmail through Paypal.


01 pork chop

P O R K  C H O P S

16 Original art sketches of pork chops in booklet form including Pork Chop for Vegetarians, Pork Chop and Laptop, Pork Chops Sing Pulp, On The Line, Cauliflower Chop, and my favourite, Pork Chop Rides A Harley Davison Escaping From Colonel Decker Who Has Seized Control of Optimus Prime and An F-15 Fighter Jet, While Volcanoes Explode Behind Them And A Phoenix Soars. [Link]

Pen and ink and some pencils. £15. Again, no postage charge.

The Panto Preview

The Last Noel was 2012’s Christmas card comic, a tale about the maltreatment of Noel Edmonds and aw who cares? Sapphire and Steel were in it, and so were The Stone Roses and Optimistic Batman. So how can you pass up the originals?

Four full colour pages – felt tip, crayons, pencils, inks, A4 – let’s say £20.



Xmas cards and the panto comic-card series are back.

Below: Apocalypchristmas (APOC) and Gift (GIFT)

Cards are £1.50 each, and a 5 pack costs £5. List which ones you want, pay pal, and I’ll mail you them out, with an envelope to go with each card. There’s also a double-sided A3 poster available of Celebrity X-Factor Strictly Apprentice on Ice With Bobbins On and a Twitter Hashtag! That’s is £3, and £2 for every additional copy in the same tube.

Cards £1.50 each (please specify) 

Four for £5.

Ten for £10.

Poster £3, and £2 for each additional poster. 

Or make payable to drew.luke@[ihatespam]

kick 1p01Kick!   #1

16 pages of brand new digital comics. Includes The children of Mow Street Mall, The A-Team, Doomlord X and Allergy, another tale about shopping.

30p here!

Hold The Phones, It’s Alex Jones! (44 pages)
You can also purchase this superb anthology about Texas’s most infamous truth-seeker. It features the work of Belfast creators Professor Octagon and Bisson, the internet monkey king Benchilada, Indianapolis’ comics writer of KEEPER and HADRON COLLIDERSCOPE, Geoffrey D. Wessel and Paper Tiger Comix impresario, Sean Duffield

With over 10,000 previews online, the collection comes with thirty new pages. It’s a journey into the strangest sit-com of our time. You can buy the digital version for ONLY A DOLLAR here or in print for £4.00, adding an extra £1 for outside the UK. Make paypal out to

More of my back catalogue and new items will be added in the new year, but if you’ve something in mind, drop me an email and I’ll see if I can get it for you.